Women's Basketball

Women’s Basketball FALL League

October 20, 2018 – December 9, 2018

Team Fee


(Seven (7) games guaranteed plus tournament for each team)


TEAM Registration Deadline October 17, 2018

Rec Track Activity Number: SHWD-BSK-WOM-ADULT

(must have “Parks Direct” account to register online at www.pgparks.com)

Days and Time: 

Games played on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons


Click here to download a schedule of games.

Competition Guidelines: 


  • o    All teams must be there 15 – 30 minutes before schedule game.
  • o    You will get a 5 min grace period. After that 5 min it will result in a forfeit. 


  • Games will be played with four (10) minute periods per contest.
  • Extra periods (Overtime) will be 3 minutes per. If game remains tied after completion of second O.T. period, third and subsequent extra periods will be (1) minute in length.
  • During first and second period only, the game clock will stop for free throw administration and team timeouts until the final minute when game clock will stop on all dead ball situations.
  • During final 60 seconds of fourth period and any successive extra periods the clock will stop on made basket, then restarted on official’s signal that ball has been touched after throw in.
  • 1 and 1 after 7 team fouls and 2 shots after 10 team fouls per half.
  • Timeouts:
    • Two (60) second timeouts during first half. Three (60) second timeouts during second half. 
    • Maximum of 2 timeouts in final two minutes of fourth period.
    • One (60) second timeout granted for each extra period.
    • Unused timeouts do not carry over to next half nor into extra periods.
  • All names and numbers need to be in the book before game. Any names or numbers not in the book after jump ball will result in a tech.
    • All players must sign wavier forms before they play.
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct (profanity, trash talking, arguing with officials, etc.) will not be tolerated. Any players displaying this behavior will be given a warning or immediately ejected, depending on the severity of the act. 

Player Eligibility

  • All roster players in this league must be at least age 18 years as of October 20, 2018.
  • Current high school students are prohibited from participating in this league. 

Contact Steve Ellis: 301-446-6800 for further details.

The Department of Parks and Recreation encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities.  Please contact the facility at least two weeks in advance of the program start date to request an accommodation (i.e., sign language interpreter, support staff, etc.) 301-445-4512.