Innovate Parks & Recreation


The Innovate Parks & Rec Taskforce mission is to Make Innovation a Habit. Innovation plays such a major role in having a successful workplace culture. We defines innovation as—introducing new processes, ideas, products and services to enhance and enrich our department and our communities. Studies have shown that organizations that cultivate and innovative workplace increase efficiency, performance, positive change and growth.

​IPR Brings You... Eyes Have It!

Eyes Have It
believes in ensuring our facilities and spaces are beautiful, safe, and functional. From easy fixes to long-term projects, Eyes Have It funds a range of improvement projects spearheaded by staff. 
Major idea-inspiring-improvement categories, include:

  • Enhance Indoor and Outdoor Spaces
  • Modernize Public and Staff Spaces
  • Explore Feasibility for Upgrading Technology and Increasing Accessibility
  • Focus on Sustainability
  • Brand All Spaces (with the M-NCPPC logo)

Click HERE to Submit Your Application


Applying is as easy as …

  1. Take a (virtual) walkthrough of your day-to-day operations using fresh eyes.
  2. List desired improvements, renovations and/or additions. 
  3. Share your bright ideas by submitting a thorough description of your project with supporting pictures (or video).  
We will be accepting submissions for Round One from January 11 - February 5, and for Round Two from February 8 – 26.

If selected, you will have the opportunity to work closely with subject matter experts to make your bright ideas become a reality.

Additional consideration will be given to projects focused on outdoor spaces and trails and projects that can be fully completed by June 30, 2021.

 All project ideas are welcome! 

Discover Innovation Where You Are!


At the Department of Parks and Recreation we have embraced innovation! We have used a process called Innovative Program Initiative (IPI) to help bring ideas from the front lines all the way to the top. Included in the resources packet is everything we have created to help move IPIs along.


Download this packet to get your agency started.