Town of Cheverly National Register Nomination

The Town of Cheverly National Register Nomination project involves the retention of consultant services to research, document, and produce a National Register Historic District Nomination for those portions of the Town of Cheverly that would be found to meet the criteria for designation as a National Register Historic District. The area to be addressed through this project includes that identified as the Cheverly Historic Community in the 2010 Approved Historic Sites and Districts Plan (pp. 223-224) and is composed largely of those portions of the present Town of Cheverly that were platted by Robert Marshall, president of the Washington Suburban Realty Company, in seven sections between 1918 and 1926.  The desired consultant services would produce all the documentation required for review by the Prince George’s County Historic Preservation Commission, the Maryland Historical Trust, and the United States Department of the Interior/National Park Service.     

This project is also described in the 2018 Approved Greater Cheverly Sector Plan, Section 3, Community Heritage and Culture Element:
Policy 1: “Preserve and protect the architectural heritage of the Greater Cheverly Sector Plan area.” Strategies: CH 1.1 - ”Nominate the historic core of Cheverly to the National Register of Historic Places to achieve recognition of its historic significance, enabling the use of state and federal tax incentives for the preservation and rehabilitation of contributing properties.”

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